Specialised Archiving Solutions is a highly experienced scanning bureau providing bulk digitising and related services.

Our name says it all. We scan anything in large volumes. From film and negatives to large format plans 1.5 metres wide at any length. With 15 years in the business we have seen it all. If you have anything unusual to be scanned contact us for a quote.


Specialised services to the following industries

Here are a few of the industries that we have and can provide specialised services to.

Engineering and Mining.

Let us convert your plans / drawings into digital files. We scan Aperture Cards, Micro Fiche, Roll Film and 3M Cartrige type films. We scan your paper plans too. We can scan plans up to 1.5m wide no matter what length they are.

Commercial and Banking

For the scanning of your A4 documents such as company libraries and everyday business documentation. We can convert it all to electronic documents. No matter what the volume we guarantee a hands on personal service for peace of mind.

Libraries and National Archives

High spec scanning for Digital Libraries or National Archive material. We scan according to the National Archive specification and can capture meta-data for your Dublin Core archive systems

Electronic Archiving

Once scanned we can deliver your documents in any format with the indexing of your choice. Whether to suit your existing Document Management software or using our in house document archive and retrieval software which is tried and tested in Government, Commecial, Mining and Engineering sectors.